The Glass Nebula shown below sets the tone of these paintings by positing the universe as an electrical milieu.  During this period the artist was experimenting with electrical forces which would produce, not only the paintings shown below, but within five years a United States Patent, # 4,289,936 in high voltage electrostatic transducers (Speakers). These speakers would encompass the geodesic work of Buckminster Fuller, with whom he corresponded, This work produced the first true spherical-surfaced transducer, using high voltage fields, which had been highly sought after in prior decades by many other inventors. The last painting shown below is titled The Law of Octaves  and depicts a “way-station” for the soul in a universe of cyclic iteration. It visualizes the eight stage transformative process by colorizing the enneagram of Gurdjieff. It remains an unfinished “work in progress” as symbol of timeless iteration.